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Problem Based e-Learning(EPBL) in Higher Secondary Level ICT Education in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, ICT education at Higher Secondary level is compulsory for students of every section. ICT is something that cannot be learned by just memorizing a whole book. Therefore we have designed and developed this web platform to serve thousands of students and connect them with teachers that enable self-learning and problem-based learning in an optimistic way. In this way, the fear of programming will be gone.

In this platform, we integrated the NCTB ICT Textbook. The contents are highly aligned with the problem-based learning model. There are several research findings implemented and integrated into this platform, including level-wise practice problems, quality control of the question bank, instant exam, real-time web compiler for HTML, C/C++, SQL, automatic error checking and solution suggestion, testing, evaluation, and ranking. Actively, there are many students and teachers using this platform for academy-level and personal ICT skill improvement.

The project was funded by the ICT division innovation fund.